What Are the Most Common Lake House Features?

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One question that comes up when building a lake home is what is the most common structure for this type of building? Here are some standard features: Walkout basement, Open floor plan, and Pilings. Below we will look at each of these features and discuss the best options. Also, consider that municipal or federal entities may own the lake. They may lease shoreline land from a private property owner.

Open floor plan

For an idyllic getaway, an open floor plan is a must. Open concept living is the new trend in homes for sale Lake Austin. It unites the living room and kitchen into one room. It’s also easier to heat and cool a large space without walls blocking airflow. And it lets in abundant natural light – a great way to cut your energy bill. The kitchen, dining room, and living room all share a common area to enjoy the view.

Another appealing design is an A-frame cabin. It combines traditional design elements with modern conveniences. Its exterior is constructed of charming shake siding, while the interior features an open floor plan with a spacious great room and kitchen. The kitchen boasts a 16′ cathedral ceiling, a large island, and a walk-in pantry. The exterior offers significant outdoor space and plenty of windows. So, What is the best lake to live on in Texas? Depending on your style preferences, you can create a home office in the back of the house or a guest room.

Walkout basement

Whether you have a small lot or a sloped plot, a walkout basement can maximize space and add value to your house. You can use the extra space in a basement as a guest room, an entertainment room, or an office. Typically, a walkout basement opens to an outdoor patio, which allows you to enjoy the outdoor area. It can also be used as an additional family space.

Lake House

There are many ways to design a walkout basement. Usually, a walkout basement involves incorporating egress windows in the basement walls. Some walkout basements have a door installed in the foundation wall. Others can have a sloping floor, but the key incorporates a door leading outside. The benefits of walkout basements are endless, but safety and security must always be prioritized.


If you’re planning a lake house, you probably already know that pilings are a common type of foundation. While some builders will choose to erect a new structure on stilts, pilings are a much more durable foundation than stilts. The fact that pilings are so deep into the ground also eliminates most foundation problems over time. Depending on your house plans, your builder can customize the shape and finish of the pilings to match your design.

Pilings, also known as stilts and piers, are an attractive and durable construction option for lake house structures. These foundations are also popular in for sale homes in Lake Mcqueeney that sit on uneven terrain or have an elevated design to maximize views. You should check with your local building codes before making a final decision, as some require a certain minimum height for piling foundations. In addition to piling foundations, stilt foundations are also an excellent choice for coastal homes.


A staircase is necessary for easy access and egress in a lake house structure. Stairs can be fanciful physical structures and are the main component of many structures. Symbolically, the “stairway” represents attainment and loss of position, hierarchy, and success. Stairs are comprised of a riser and a tread, and in some cases, they include a nose.

Spiral stairs vary in their stair design and height. Quarter-turn stairs deposit people 90 degrees away from the starting orientation, while half-turn stairs are 180 degrees away from the beginning. Full-turn staircases may be continuous, making several turns depending on height. Multi-turn spiral stairs are commonly found in churches and lighthouses. Winders can be used with straight stairs to change direction and are often associated with spiral stairs.


A deck can be attached to the house or freestanding. There are several types of decks available, and they vary in size, shape, and material. They can be used for entertaining, eating, and relaxing. A deck can also be equipped with built-in accessories, such as benches or a table. Here are some tips for designing your deck:

First, determine what components make up the substructure. Most decks are made from wood, but this material is subject to damage from moisture and weathering. A concrete pillar is the best choice for a footing since it offers a solid foundation. Footings must be positioned below the frost line to prevent the concrete’s shifting. The deck frame is then framed using support posts.

Large windows

One common feature of a lake house is large windows. These windows can be either fixed or operable. Fixed windows cannot be opened, but they allow light to enter and exit. Fixed windows are often found in church architecture. Transom windows, which open up, can be either fixed or operable. In contemporary styles, large windows with a lot of glass are common. In addition, open-plan interiors are popular.

This rustic home is perfect for a picturesque setting, with its open floor plan and abundance of outdoor space. A vaulted ceiling in the living area features full-height windows that connect the interior and exterior of the home. It allows guests to see the lake while still enjoying the home’s interior. Adding a wraparound porch is an excellent addition to any lake house structure. Large windows in the main living area provide a view of the water and comfortable outdoor living.